review of oddsmonkey and my matched betting journey

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A friend of mine recently asked me what I do to earn so much extra money on the side. I told him. Matched betting. He had a blank look on his face so I explained it to him. After doing that I decided I should share it with you guys as well as I know a lot of people like a flutter on the basketball, especially the lakers.

Matched betting is the process of laying off bets to make no loss on qualifying bets. You can then make a guaranteed profit with the free bet reward. It look me a while to learn this process but once I did the money started to flow.

The way I learned to do this was with a site called oddsmonkey. They are a great little membership site that teaches you everything you need to know. It costs £15 a month but it is worth every penny, some of the software is amazing. It’s been really well made and it’s layout and user interface is spot on for beginners and advanced matched bettors alike. you can read a full Oddsmonkey review on this site though which says it better than I ever could.

If you like a flutter but hate losing then this is probably gonna be great for you. It’s a no loss always win system. I know this sounds too good to be true but amazingly it is true. I have made a lot of money using this site so I would recommend you try it as well.

Kevin Durant fires US to basketball Gold

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The United States outclassed Serbia 96-66 on Sunday to claim its third straight Olympic men’s basketball Gold, and the final gold medal of the Rio games.

Inspired by Kevin Durant, the Americans pulled 23 points clear at halftime. Durant finished with 30 points, as the United States made it an incredible 53 straight wins in Olympic competition.

Serbia had given the NBA stars a real game in their group-stage clash, losing 94-91 after missing a three-pointer on the buzzer, but they could not muster the same fight in the final which the US dominated from the first buzzer.

There were no Lakers players on the roster this year for the US.

Laker Graffiti Art – Spray Paint Aerosols

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Check out this awesome artwork I found on pinterest 


I’m a big fan of this kind of spray paint artwork and obviously an even bigger fan when it is lakers related. I really want to try something like this my self so I have ordered some spray paint aerosols online. I dont really want to get in trouble for spray painting my local park so my work will probably be on canvas on a smaller scale. I have bought a load of pantone colour spray paints so hopefully the colors will look awesome when it’s finished.

Not sure mine will be good as above but as long as it’s not terrible I will post the result up here so watch out for that!

Lakers aiming for glory

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The Los Angeles Lakers are looking to the future after a dreadful last season which saw only 17 wins.The are looking to young players D’Angelo Russell, Brandon Ingram, Jordan Clarkson, and Julius Randle. Now that Kobe has retired these young players have the chance to step up and grab some glory.

The Lakers will be looking to add another experienced player as well as the young blood.

Derrick Rose could be that player but the deal has a long way to go with the Bulls not keen to release him.

Despite the injuries Rose could be the perfect foil for a team bristling with young talent and last year saw him return to his best with multiple MVP awards.